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[MOL] Get this message to all doctors.

Hi There, please contact me on my new oxygen water, called Oxy-Up, it is
for everyone on this planet that breaths.  Thank you.




Hi there my name is Barney.  I have a new oxygen water I would like to
introduce to you.  The product is OXY-UP.  I have a free audio tape to
offer you and introduce you to our new oxygen water product.  The
wholesale price for 33 ounces is $6.00 and the shelve life on the
product is 5 years.  The oxygen will not escape in an any food or liquid
it is mixed into whether hot or cold. Our OXY-UP has 200,000 ppm oxygen
actually bonded to the water molecule.  It is stabilized and bonded and
cannot be boiled or frozen out of the water nor will the oxygen leak
outside the plastic container.  Every person breathing needs this
product!  This product will enhance any other health product up to 80
percent of its effectiveness.  Remember disease cannot live in
oxygenated enviroment.  In addition oxygen enhances cardiovascular
health, respiration, circulation, etc.  This product has over 200 uses!
There isn't and oxygen product out there like this one anywhere.
Remember this unique product is bonded and stabilized and the only one
on the planet like it.  Reminder:  Please send your address and phone
number so I may mail you my free dynamic audio tape on what this product
can do for you and your patients or clients.  We have a special question
and answer conference call just for doctors.  Any more questions just
get back to me.   "ciao"    

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