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Re: [MOL] Something I need to tell you!

   I knew you were having some down days but my God How I
feel for you and family and specially your gr.daughter. I
too am a victum of molestation. Now adays there is so much
help out there. What a brave child. There is no doubt in my
mind that your gr.daughter will pull through this to the
best of her ability, with a loving and caring family and
friends to pray and be there for her and for each other,
turning darkness into the light.
 Love and heartfelt prayers to you and your

Lillian wrote:

>   Now that things appear to be evening out, and it is a
> little less painful to speak about coherently I am ready
> to share something with you.  It has nothing to do with
> cancer, but rather about a child. Our granddaughter, a
> darling 10 year old who we discovered has been sexually
> molested for more than a year by her step father. The past
> two weeks have been horrendously hard on our entire family
> unit.  Not to mention this brave little girl who with
> pride and dignity stood up to this hideous excuse of a
> human being. She will have to be the one to stand up in
> court and tell all the Horrific things that he has done to
> her, a child, who will never be able to have a loving
> first sexual encounter.  He has robbed her of her own
> control of her body.He had taken her innocence away to
> replace it with the most vile of vile.  We have been to
> court 3 times, gone for all kinds of testing, the
> gathering of evidence, the conversations with the
> investigating sheriff, and now the District Atty.  Only to
> find out that a NO Bond hearing was overturned to a
> $90,000 bond.  This may sound like much money; however it
> boils down to $9,000.00  This a man who had been accused
> of the same thing with his own daughter is back free on
> the streets to simply find the next child. His betrayal of
> love to the mother and the pain she feels for her child.
> All of them wondering if they will have a roof over their
> heads  They are terrified he will come for them, the
> nightmares and so on. Us as the grandparents who never
> dreamed this could happen to one of their own, who along
> with everyone else was in a state of shock, then horror
> and fortunately the fighting mode now. It is still very
> evident in toady's society that the courts are more
> concerned with the accused than the victim.  It is also
> evident that woman still stand in the eyes of a court of
> law the lessor of the two. The only good news's we have
> had is that she did not test positive for aides or
> Hepatitis -C virus.  She will be checked in for months
> again  to be on the safe side. Yet in a court of law he is
> not considered a risk to the community.  Give me a break.
> While all of this was going on I was smack in the middle
> of a lot of testing both for cancer and addison/cushings
> diseases   At first things were not going so hot; however
> slowly but surely I am now getting some good news. I ask
> for prayers for our daughter and her wonderful family, for
> us the grand parents who so love them and for all our
> family who this has touched.  Thanking you in advance, I
> remain your loyal friend, lillian  We invite you to take a
> look at our Album.
>   ( Very
> informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and
> much more....

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