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[MOL] Another mom update

Just talked to my sister.  Mom's doctor confirmed that the 1 of 2 lumps removed from her breasts is malignant.  I don't think the breast cancer scares me as much as her lung cancer, though.  Unless it mets, of course!

Mom's doing well with this news.  My sister took her to lunch and kept her spirits up.  Sigh.....

Sometimes I feel like I'm "hanging ten" on the edge of an emotional abyss.  Home life sucks, too, so the abyss looks really good for a break right now!  I think someone needs to come up with dark, quiet rooms you can rent where you can just scream to your hearts content and the police (or men in white coats) won't come looking for you.

I need a huge cry, but that's frowned upon at work for some reason....  :)

Susan C.
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