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[MOL] Private Query

Dear Friends:
    I hope you are all well and making progress in your struggles.  I am no 
longer on the list so you will have to respond to me personally, but I did 
have a query that I wonder if any of you know about.   I am trying to get 
myself in good shape so that I don't follow my dear husband too soon.  For 
years I have been abusing anacin and as a result have chronic gastritis and 
EC inflammation (according to a recent gastroscopy).  My regular MD told me 
to cut down on the anacin gradually and take prilosec.  I also consulted the 
renowned alternative doctor we saw for Tom.  He wanted me to substitute 
celebrex for anacin because he said it would help prevent colon cancer 
(rampant in my family)--when he heard I had an allergy to supphur drugs (I 
seem to remember this from my long ago childhood), he instead prescribed 
vioxx.  I've heard that Celebrex has Cox-2 prevention potential but nothing 
about vioxx.  Do any of you know about this?
Many thanks.  Bess
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