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Re: [MOL] so many questions...

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From: Winn
Sent: Friday, August 11, 2000 6:19 AM
Subject: [MOL] so many questions...

This is my first morning as a member of MOL-cancer... seems to be a wealth of knowledge out there, perhaps you can help us!
My Dad, age 58, was diagnosed last week with nasopharyngeal carcinoma.  As you all must be aware of the many tests that are performed, we now know he is in stage III (T3N0).  How much your life can change with only a phone call!  The American Cancer Society states that only 0.25% of American with cancer have this type - fairly uncommon.  Anyone have any information or know anyone with this type of cancer?
I just moved home from Houston, TX where the world renowned MD Anderson is located.  Now we are in a small area in Colorado.   Dad's doc's seem wonderful and we are all crazy about them, but you can't help but question if they could be as good as a large medical center would be.  Dad doesn't seem to open to a second opinion.
Treatment will begin next week and involve radiation 5x week, 7 weeks.  Chemo (cisplastin) every 21 days, then 3 months of cisplastin and 5FU. 
We are trying to educate ourselves as much as possible.  Any information you have or anything you wish to share is greatly appreciated.  We are a family of FAITH and so many of you appear to lean on Him for your support -  Thank you.