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[MOL] Re: bladder cancer

Hello Friends:

I wasn't supposed to write my pity potty party till tonight but I want to get 
in a preview.  Today I am going with my dad to meet with the team of doctors 
regarding his platelets....  I just received a phone call and my dads baby 
brother -- my favorite -- has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer.  I 
have known this information for 5 minutes now and the first place I thought 
to turn was to all of you.

Please tell me is this as serious as I suspect?  
Lillian can you pass along some of those famous web sites for information.

Once again thank you.  My eyes are filled with tears as I write this.  Not 
only for the news I received but also for the comfort I have knowing my Moler 
friends are there.

Most fondly-
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