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Dads cytogenetics were normal.  His doctor expected that.  He said the 
Philadelphia chromosome is mostly linked to CLL.  We have been told that as 
long as dads counts are at a certain level thay will still do the stem cell.  
What that level is , I will find out tomorrow.  Another biopsy will be 
performed next week.  He needs to be in remission or very close to it to go 
the transplant route.

Please keep me informed on your mothers condition.  The most frustrating part 
for my dad is the boredom in the hospital.  He is sick of reading, T.V., 
stocks,  you name it.  My cousin brought a good one for him.  The game 
Connect Four.  Heard of it?  It is a math game and has actually made some of 
the time pass for daddy.  Always trying to find something to keep him on an 

take Care and thank you for  caring.
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