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Re: [MOL] limitis plastica/Tonya!

Well Dear Heart you gave me a wonderful laugh today.  Your question is the
same one I asked a few weeks ago, a moler sent the answer and I already
forget.  Now if that isn't two wonderful minds in the same thinking chamber,
I don't know what is.

Ah; but you have hurt my feelings Tonya, you had a party with out us.  Don't
you know we love parties?  Sometimes it is so good to hear someone whine; as
this only says they are human and all of us whine and cry at sometime.  Then
who ever is using our pity potty has to give it up and give it to the
whiner.  It is one of the Molers games to make life a wee bit
something or another; but it breaks the ice for everyone with a few

Now I am wonder what URL means and we need to get an answer?  Love u,

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