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My dad completed his "consolidation chemo" 3 weeks ago.  His was a 4 day 
protocol also.  Was it more difficult?  Yes, and no.  Yes, because the 
patient still has the same risk of infection, fever, etc.  Also, the body is 
not as strong as it was when this ordeal started, therefore the bone marrow 
and entire system is weaker and therefore will have a more difficult time 
recovering.  This is per our doctor.

Is your Mom receiving the same chemicals?  That would possibly make a 
difference.  Daddy has had two rounds of chemo and one of consolidation.  His 
consolidation chemo was the M. E. C., commonly used with AML.  He did not 
have as much nausea or vomiting with the consolidation as he did the full 
blown chemo.

I wish I could say the same will happen for your Mom.  Unfortunately, I 
believe it is a very individual thing and each time the body responds 

One point to keep in mind.  My dads counts still have not recovered.  Started 
induction chemo July 12th.  Platelets were at 3000 yesterday.  His doctor 
said it takes longer every time because the body takes such a beating.  We 
have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to discuss this and start preparations 
for the stem cell transplant.  I will send along any information which may be 
of a benefit to you and your Mom.

Keep the faith strong.  Having a positive attitude works miracles.

Your friend -
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