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[MOL] Info Please

  On July 12, my brother was diagnosed with NSCLC staged at IIIB, with a 6cm 
main tumor in his left upper lobe.  He began Taxol/Carbo treatments every 
three weeks. (360mg Taxol/720mg Carbo).  We would like to hear from those of 
you with that diagnosis and that treatment regimen.....and how you are 
faring, days and months and years after treatment.   I would also like to 
know who had tried, and can relate, their experience with anti-angiogenesis 
agents, essiac tea, natural remedies to bolster the immune system and other 
modalities that have worked for you!
Please repond.        Tom

PS You could also communicate directly to him at PAD938@ JUNO.com, although 
he cannot receive downloads....they should come to me.
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