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Re: [MOL] High White Blood Cells

    When my husband was first diagnosed his red count was 9.6 which is low. 12 to 13 being normal. He is now up to 11 so we are doing great thank GOD. Your boy friend can have a pet scan to find just where the cancer cells may be. It is a bit different than a ct scan because it shows hot spots, each and every one! Much better results of the cancer cells can't be found. Lillian, I'm sure can help you more than I can.
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From: Tracy Harrison
Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2000 6:01 AM
Subject: [MOL] High White Blood Cells

I hope you can help or give me some information on the following:
My boyfriend recently has Collun Cancer Dukes C. He had the collun and a pollup plus several nodes removed 3 of which had traces of cancer. They tested the surrounding area and found no traces of cancer, but decided to give him chemophereopy. They took a blood test before treating him but apparently came back with a blood count of 74 which means he still has traces of cancer somewhere. Can you explain how the blood count works and what the percentages are.
Thank you