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[MOL] nearing the end

Well, my father in law is in his final stage, taking a very slow exit as
his breathing becomes slower and slower, his heart slower too. It is
about over.  We have cared for him at home with love and respect, the
way he wanted to go.  He was able to share with us where he was
traveling to, told us it felt like being a kid and asked us to come on
along with him.  What a sweet man I will miss so much.
I would like to take a minute to thank all of you good people for
sharing your  joys, fears, information and love.  You have been a
wonderful support to me, even though I did more lurking than writing, I
felt connected.  Thank - you again.
In a few days I will be signing off.  I send each and everyone of you
the white loving light of God.  May Peace be your partner.
Lynn Kirk

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