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[MOL] Interesting Treatment

Found this site by accident in my never end search to research my wife's
weird cancer.  This Doctor is taking a new approach with existing treatments
http://www.rationaltherapeutics.com <http://www.rationaltherapeutics.com> 
By the way my wife's wierd cancer is Endometrial cancer (I know this isn't
wierd) what is wierd is that it started on her pelvic wall.  There is no
cancer anywhere else and almost no endometriosis other than a small spot in
her uterous.  Her gynologic oncologist says this is very unusual.  The
problem I'm having is anytime endometrial cancer is outside the uterous,
cervix, or vagina it is assumed it spread there fortunately this is not the
case with my wife.  As a result all of the staging, treatment, and research
information really doesn't apply.
Anyone have any suggestions?
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