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[MOL] Ugly Disease

Just wanted to say a little something.  My dad was 73 years old.  My parents
celebrated there 50th wedding anniversary on July 1st 2000.  Went on a
cruise.  Four weeks later he passed away.  The Dr.s found out he had
Multiply Myloma.  Bone Cancer, its really a blood cancer where the cancer
multiply in the plasma of the blood manifesting itself throughout the bone
marrow and out through the bones.  It is supposed to be very painful.  My
dads kidneys stopped working on Sunday then went through dialalist to get
all the toxins out of his blood which was calcium from the bones splitting
apart.  Once I found out how this cancer is I thank God he is resting
because it is very painful and ugly.  It can be treated if caught early for
tolerance but there is no cure.  If you need more support or to talk you can
always e-mail me back.  It helps to talk about it.

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