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Re: [MOL] Anyone know what may cause this?

Dear Miss Susan,

	I always feel so silly responding to serious medical questions, since
all of you are so FAR advanced in your knowledge, but some of what you
have written about your mom, I've gone through.

	I believe Lillian wrote you back (and who's smarter than Lillian?) that
she thought your mom had a bladder infection.  I would have to agree, as
I went through it about 6 mos. ago.  It was TOUGH to get rid of.  I've
only had it once before and that was back in my 20's and it was a piece
of cake to cure.  This time, it wasn't.  Do you suppose it's because of
the cancer?  Just a thought.  But my doctor had to prescribe STRONG
antibiotics not once, but twice to completely eliminate it.  All the
symptoms you described in a previous memo was what I had.  I also had
blood in my urine which concerned him initially (when I complained of the
bladder problem) fearing I might have cancer of the bladder, but that was
not the case.  It was just a plain old bladder infection.  So, it may
take more than one dose of treatments to eliminate the infection.

	As for Lasix, it is a fluid eliminator.  Possibly the bladder infection
is making her retain fluid in her body?  (Lillian, could this be right?)

	I am amazed that you were able to place the responsibility for her
actions back on her.  And am SO GRATEFUL that it worked.  Keep biting
that tongue, Susan, and life will be easier for BOTH of you to bear.


Carol in Memphis
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