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Dear Sir,

I am very happy to read your Web Page on the Internet regarding urine Therapy. Are you aware of any scientific study dealing with efficiency of Urine Therapy ? Kindly let us have the details and also addresses of persons who are interested in Urine Therapy.

You will perhaps be aware that the Urine therapists of Goa were the pioneers of the promotion of Urine Therapy. In 1993 we organised the First All India Conference on Urine Therapy. The success of this conference paved the way for the First World Conference in 1996. Both these Conferences were held in Goa (India).

The Second World Conference on Urine Therapy was held in Gersfeld, Germany in 1999. The Third World Conference is scheduled to be held in Brazil in 2003.

A lot of material has been collected on the therapeutic efficacy of urine but all this is based on experiencial knowledge. We need to back this with scientific evidence. We are therefore planning to organise a 3-day World Scientific Congress in Goa on Urine Therapy sometime in Nov./Dec. 2001.

We need at least 125 participants from abroad. We expect to have over 300 people from India. What do you think of the idea ? How many persons of your acquaintance would be interested to come to Goa for 3 days ? As you know Goa is a popular tourist destination known for its blend of eastern and western culture, a beautiful scenery and excellent cuisine all at an economical cost !

We would be very grateful if you could let us have your considered views and suggestions regarding the conference. We from our side can assure you a grand time in Goa and a fruitful engagement in discussions on U.T.

Yours truly,

D. S. P. Tirodker.