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Re: [MOL] Anyone know what may cause this?

Thanks to everyone who answered my question!  Not only does mom still have the problem with urinating, now her legs and feet have swollen horribly again.  She has an appointment this afternoon to talk to her GP about all this.  I don't know that her GP can answer all her questions, though.  The last time she saw her, she put mom on Lasiks (sp?) and until she was in pre-op for her lumpectomy did anyone say the swelling was a sign of right heart failure due to lack of oxygen.  Mom's been on oxygen more or less 24/7 since then, though, plus taking the Lasiks.  The fun continues....!

I was at mom's yesterday and was alarmed at the swelling in her feet/legs (as I said).  I talked to mom about going to the doctor.  She agreed, but then made 'whining" noises about it.  I put down the phone and told her, "Fine.  Your health is your responsibility.  If you'd like me to help you by making the appointment, I will."  I went back to reading the paper while she putzed around the house some more.  After a heavy sigh, she told me to make the appointment.  So once again, thanks MOLers for helping me.  She's an adult and responsible for her own actions.  If she chooses not to wear oxygen, I won't nag, just hug.  Someone tell me where to put the other half of my tongue after I bite it in two trying to keep my mouth shut!!!

Hugs to everyone - you guys are a godsend!

Susan C.
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