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Re: [MOL] lymph node = first site

Hi. My sister had a bronchoscopy today and they were able to get some tissue 
from the swollen lymph nodes in the center of her chest. They could not get 
any tissue from the tumor on the side of her lung as they said it was too 
small, however the oncologist says that it may be inoperable and isnt worried 
that she will not be able to get into the surgeon until the 18th. He also 
said if the cancer is spread from the breast cancer she had 10 years ago 
there is no cure but inferred that if it was a primary lung cancer there is. 
Can anyone comment on any of this or tell me of your experiences. We won't 
have the biopsy result until Wed. and we are really confused and concerned. 
Thanks much. Kathie 
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