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[MOL] UK Oncologists Campaign for Cancer Institute

UK Oncologists Campaign for Cancer Institute
    [08/07/2000; Reuters News Service]

LONDON (Reuters Heath) - UK oncologists are calling
for the public to pressure the government into establishing
a national cancer institute, saying Britain has the worst cancer
survival rate in Europe. Lung cancer survival rates for English
and Scottish people a year after diagnosis, are up to 10% lower
than some of the poorer countries in Europe, such as Estonia,
Spain and Slovakia, according to National Health Service (NHS)
figures. Oncologists from institutes and hospitals in London,
Glasgow, and Newcastle are seeking publicity for their campaign
in recent newspaper advertisements, calling on the public to
write to the government. According to a Parliamentary Select Committee
on cancer research released last month, other European countries
are leading the fight against cancer because they have set up
an effective centralized body to allocate resources and initiate
research. The Select Committee heard evidence from medical experts,
charities and church representatives about how to improve cancer
services in Britain, and have published a report stating support
for setting up a national body. But, according to the oncologists
including Dr. Jonathan Waxman, professor of oncology at Imperial
College, London, ''This is not a done deal. The government does
not have to follow the Select Committee's suggestion.''

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