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[MOL] Irish wolfhounds....

I had the most wonderful Irish wolfhound, which I raised from a puppy. He
was the easiest dog in the world to train -- practically trained himself
(spoiled me for the mischievous golden retriever pup I now have, LOL! I
adore her, but wow, is she high maintenance! None of the usual "tricks" and
products work with her, so I have to be quite creative.) Anyhow, his name
was "Sunshine" (hey, it was the 70's) and he was smart, funny and very
adaptable. No chewing problems, 100% house-broken in 3 days, calm, and could
take him anywhere. They are a great breed, and I highly recommend them.
Love, Joicy

> From: "Pat Kimmi" <lumber2@rainbowtel.net>
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> Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 15:21:17 -0500
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> Subject: Re: [MOL] Dog Ob./ David/Lillian/David
> Dave,
> I absolutely fell in love with the Irish Wolfhound watching the
> Westminster(sp?) Dog Show but I already have 3 dogs--a Chocolate Lab, a
> German Shepherd-looking mutt, Joe-Dog-who is the very best friend any little
> child could have; kids can do anything with and to him and he just loves all
> the "attention" they are giving him; and my little Yorkie-Shania MiraLee-
> who was my "empty-nest" baby until grandbabies started arriving! Dogs (and
> horses) are indeed mans best friend.  Pat Kimmi-KS

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