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Re: [MOL] Radiation-Kathy, Thanks!

I hear alot of you loving your weight gain out there.  I will share what I 
did & maybe it will help one of you ?  After quitting smoking & doing anti 
seizure meds for many years, I blossomed to a lovely 193 pounds.  Ouch.  I am 
5' 5".  Not pretty.  I started on that mayo diet for almost 2 months & lost 
some ...
  2 eggs, 2 bacon - breakfast
  meat & veggies - lunch
  meat & veggies - dinner
  grapefruit juice with all 3.
Then I got tired of the breakfast & started modifying.  I instantly dropped 
the juice & went back to coffee / creamer .. dropped the breakfast.  I was so 
bad !  Basically now I eat pretty much meat, veggies, fruit, Schwanns lite 
creations fudge sicles (sp?), and I don't worry about the fat anymore.... and 
my cholesterol has dropped to 185.  Today I am down to 164 & feeling so much 
better !  I have dropped the starch .. no bread, potatoes, corn, peas, pizza, 
rice, pastas ... not that I don't miss them, but I don't miss having to look 
in 2 mirrors to see the whole picture !  LOL  I do not measure or weight 
anything, and I don't cook the starches either !  If my family wants them 
they can make them !  I cook meat & veggies !

Your friend,
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