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Re: [MOL] Ammoci

Hi, Amocci:  Haven't we all offered to help you answer your questions?  Some 
of us have been in this forum for several years and have become attached to 
each other -- not just a couple of us, but MOST of us, so we don't mind 
reading posts to one another.  It brings us closer together.  I don't know 
what I'd have done this past couple of years without these people -- through 
good times and bad.  Give us a chance.  We'll help in any way we can.  That's 
the kind of people we are.  If you find some of our posts frivolous, simply 
delete them, but since we've always operated our forum this way, I don't 
imagine we'll change our procedure any time soon, and it's much easier to 
simply post to everyone online.

Kathy in Boise
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