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Re: [MOL] Dean!

Dear Dean:  I agree with Bridget.  You've done absolutely nothing wrong.  I 
wouldn't stay on this forum if it dealt ONLY with cancer.  I'd find it too 
depressing, I think.  I've learned a great deal from the people here, not the 
least of which has been how to enjoy and get to know others on the journey.  
I've made many friends.  This has been priceless.  I love your posts, too, so 
don't worry.  Every question I've ever had has been answered in one way or 
another.  If I don't have time to read all the posts, I delete some, although 
I hate to admit that.  Usually, I try to at least read all of them, but I 
certainly couldn't respond to all, nor do I feel that I should.  We should 
and do keep this forum as lighthearted as possible, considering what many of 
us are going through and have gone through.  Laughter is great medicine.  
Onward and upward, Dean!!!

Love, Kathy
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