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Re: [MOL] Mexican Hospital

Dear Miss Beav,

	Got in last night, but I was too tired to write.  Been down into
Mississippi (Miz-sippi) looking at a home for sale.  Trying to buy one on
a lake, since I love to fish, but he wanted too much money.

	Re the faith healing business.  I don't necessarily believe you MUST
have faith.  I've seen people on TV who state they were definitely
doubting Thomases and yet were healed.  I'm not sure we can understand
His mind and what He decides to do.

	As for your husband being angry at God.  As angry as he may be, it's
what's in the heart that counts.  He loves God.  He believes in God. 
He's just angry.  Is it because he is going through this terrible trauma?
 Too many people blame God when it isn't really His fault.  If you
believe in God, then you MUST believe in Satan.  The preachers today (and
yesterday) preach much about a loving God and what he can do for you, yet
few of them really try to get across that Satan really exists, too. 
Satan was given power over this earth until God (and Jesus) come again. 
Satan is the author of lies, deceit, calamities, DISEASE and death.  Your
husband must realize that it is not God's work, but Satan's that has
placed him in this position, just as Satan has done so many other things.
 It is Satan's extreme pleasure to convince you that God is at fault, not
him. (I know YOU understand this, but does your husband?)  God has power,
but so does Satan.  Never underestimate him!  Your husband needs to STOP
listening to Satan's lies and ask God to intervene.  He has to realize
that Satan is making him feel this way; God is THERE and waiting for him
to ask for help.

	I, too, believe in miracles.  However, miracles come from God.  And it
is His choice to perform them.  I believe that we learn from everything
that happens in life.  Nothing happens by chance.  If we are ill and we
die, then that is God's purpose for us.  Biblically, (and I can't
remember the story or where it is in the Bible right now) there is a
story that God extended someone's life by many years although he was
expected to die.  Also, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, so He has the
power to do this if he so wishes.  Knowing that God is Love, we have to
believe that everything that happens is part of His plan.  And, of
course, we all know that the day will come when death will be done away
with and there will be no more tears.

	Have I gotten on a soapbox?  I'm well-known for this.  Obviously, I'm
quite opinionated and don't hesitate to express myself.  Hope no one's

Much love,
Your friend in Memphis
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