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Re: [MOL] Chris

Well, Joicy, I think it all comes down once again, to free will.  We 
(mankind) have chosen to make this world a difficult place after all. 

But every now and then I wonder too how and why God intervenes sometimes and 
in others He doesn't.  For the faithful: when things go well, we credit him; 
and when things go badly, we credit free will of people.  For non-believers: 
it is just the opposite.

What does make me chuckle a bit though is the thought that in today's world 
Adam and Eve would very nearly be *saints*!  I mean, they committed ONE 
disobedience and were banished from Paradise; look at what we do *now*.  
Personally I believe that Adam & Eve represent all of male & female mankind, 
not just two original people.  So I feel sure that much of the origin story 
is symbolic.  Understanding that symbolism is another matter entirely :)   
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