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Re: [MOL] Dean!

Dean, one of the first things we realize as we face the dragon cancer is
that we are more than our bodies, and as such, need to seek wholeness
mentally, spiritually, and emotionally in addition to the physical. One of
my frustrations with western medicine (and I know I am not alone in this) is
the tendency to try to compartmentalize illness and "kill it," rather than
to see it as part of a larger system; a system that also needs to be
strengthened and fed to fight the illness.

There are plenty of resources out there that supply "just the facts." I
don't think this forum has ever pretended to be one of those, although
plenty of that is shared also. The real gift of this group, for me, is that
it helps to fill the gap in those other areas. That's why a number of us
have made the effort to meet, and many lasting friendships have formed.
There's a healing in that, too! So, I'm glad you're hear, and never stop
laughing! Love and prayers, Joicy

Dean wrote:
 I know that the postings should be about all of our
> experiences with cancer, but how would we make it with out the humor as
> well? Laughter is good medicine, we need more of that to keep our spirits
> up! 

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