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Re: [MOL] Dean!

Dean, I wouldn't take this person's post personally; I doubt it's directed
at you. Just someone who is worried and seeking information, and who doesn't
understand the nature of our group. Trust me, you have done NOTHING to
offend! Love, Joicy
> Amocci,
> I am sorry. What is it I am accused of talking about except cancer! I
> don't remember posting any "personal only" thing, as I think all my chat her
> involves cancer in some why or the other! This is directed directly to me,
> as it has my name on it. So would you explain what I have done please?
> Are there any other fellow Molers that think I have done something wrong
> here? I ask that you would  allow me to know at this time, as I remember
> nothing about posting anything personal things!  Dean
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