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Hi, Beav, glad I didn't offend. You know, the important thing is that Bucky
BELIEVES, and I have found that those who start their relationship with God
feeling  free to express honest anger and other emotions often end up with
the deepest spiritual relationships of all. The deepening of my own
relationship with God began as I read the Psalms, and saw David's honesty
(including open despair, questioning and anger) with God. I had always
believed, but it wasn't until I prayed a rather angry prayer and recognized
that God loved and accepted me right where I was, and that I could be truly
honest with him, that our real relationship began. Tell Bucky to ASK God
about that. (My own answer was that suffering is often like a refiner's
fire. There is a wonderful verse in the Old Testament that describes us as
"Gold in the making" -- and we know what has to happen to refine and purify
gold! Love and prayers, Joicy It is quite a process. Diamonds are another
> Hi Joicy;
> That is probably the main reason why we don't go back anymore to the faith
> healer. It is so depressing for both us when my husband wasn't healed. He is
> not a
> "christian" type of believer but he has a heart of gold and I believe the way
> you do
> and I am glad you said something. It is all differant for all of us. We all
> have our
> own lessons to learn and mountains to climb. Bucky, my husband has already
> learned
> alot, especially about patience. He believes in God and Christ, he just
> doesn't
> understand why people are suffering so and blames God for that. I know he will
> find
> an answer someday. We all will.Thanks again for replying.......Beav

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