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[MOL] Chris

Great question, Chris. Two thoughts that may help it to make sense. As you
know it's a very brief story that relies heavily on symbols to "tell a lot
with a little." I don't think the writer was by any means limiting Adam and
Eve to what they would have to endure, but selecting images that perhaps
most vividly represented their roles as male and female. The second thing is
that many scholars believe that this was not so much given as a curse, but
simply a statement of the reality they would face once out of the garden.
Make sense? Love, joicy
> Joicy, you have so much insight!  I love reading your posts - and forwarding
> them to my sister.  But speaking of Adam & Eve here's a question for you: we
> know that they were punished and Adam told he will suffer hard labor to earn
> his keep and Eve's punishment was the pain of childbirth.  So how come
> modern-day "Eves" everywhere have to endure *both* curses????  :)  My boss
> can't answer that one.   -chris

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