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Re: [MOL] Radiation-Kathy, Thanks!

But the withdrawls from the Zyban are ugly ... almost moved the hubby out of 
the house for a week or so !  The kids bugged him to the point my son was 
ready to move out.  I aked him at one point ... "if he would have painted the 
house, would it have been the wrong color" ??  He just doen't appreciate my 
sense of humor at times! LOL  But he got his "ducks in a row" and we are 
again fine !

I did find a web site if anyone wants to check it out ... I just cut & pasted 
several e-mails out this afternoon.  I am looking for somewhere closer to 
home for the SRS without the pins in the skull.  Appears pins may not be an 
option due to prior open surgeries.  Has anyone done the Staten Island 
University or know anything about it ... I have checked out their web site & 
looks pretty impressive, but it is only the internet !  LOL ... for brain tumors.

Thanks & have a good weekend !
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