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Re: [MOL] Radiation-Kathy, Thanks!

You're welcome, Laurie.  The doctors suggested the anti-smoking medication 
for me, too, but it wasn't necessary.  I can't think of any reason your 
mother couldn't use the patch.  I'd had heart trouble before the cancer dx, 
and it didn't bother me at all.  The heart trouble was caused by pressure 
from the tumor, apparently.  Now that I've had the bypass and stuff, it's 
very well controlled with medication.  You might ask her to consult her about 
Paxil.  It's very nice stuff.  Has helped me enormously.  My doctor would 
have stopped treating me if I'd continued to smoke -- I'm sure of it.  I was 
on a clinical protocol, and I doubt that they'd have allowed it.  Good luck.

Love, Kathy in Boise
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