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Re: [MOL] faith healings, ps

Would like to add one more thing - as someone who definitely believes in 
miracles - particularly the miracle of prayer...
    I too have prayed for miracles and esp. now in the healing of my father.  
I also believe that God has granted that prayer request.  For now.  What the 
future holds, we do not know.  But we already know that He has given us two 
years (Aug 24th) after diagnosis to be very thankful for.
    When I prayed for these miracles, I also "promised", yes "promised" (I 
*rarely* do this as I know my own limitations well) God that no matter how He 
chose to deal with this, I would do my very best not to lose faith if He 
chose otherwise. But I also *promised* that I would continue to trust that He 
had indeed answered my prayer and would not accept otherwise.  -chris
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