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Re: [MOL] faith healings

Joicy, no *wonder* you are a minister!  Excellent message and I forwarded it 
to my sister and to my boss, a minister also.
    I once heard someone say to be careful when we expect God to bend to our 
wills rather than us bending to His - a take on the "be careful what you wish 
for " thing.  And another who said that God is not Santa Claus, granting us 
our wishes because we were good boys and girls.  
    I have found faith to be the essential ingredient not just to being 
healed, but to survive and accept life with peace - no matter what the 
outcome.   A woman in our prayer group (about 15-20 years ago) had ovarian 
cancer. The group prayed continously and carried out every healing ritual 
(we're Catholic) for her.  We did eventually lose her to the disease, but not 
before she outlived the time alloted by medical persons and not before she 
had the time she needed to make peace with her life here.  She died very 
peacefully and painlessly as well.  By that time she knew she was dying and 
we expressed our disappointment that our prayers were not answered - that she 
was not healed.  She answered, "What do you mean?  I have peace, love, and I 
am now ready to meet Our Lord.  I would call that healed, wouldn't you?"  
    Yes, I would indeed. God did answer our prayers, just not at all in the 
way any of us expected.   -chris
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