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[MOL] Zappers (Carol)


I mentioned one of  the Drs from the US that went to Mexico when the 
discussion was about Mexican hospital.  I have a zapper and so do quite a few 
on this list.  The above web site will show you the one I have.  My son has a 
battery operated one that you can carry around and use.  I intend to buy one 
of those.  He gave me the info where he bo't it but I can't find it now, will 
send that when I can contact him.  The books show how to build the zapper and 
I understand it's cheaper to build your own, but we bo't one. My 
sister-in-law has MS and she swears by it.  My sons family does too.  I am 
making no claims to it but I use it.

Patricia (Pat) Hall  of Alabama and proud of my southern drawl  LOL
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