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Re: [MOL] to Roses1 !!

DEar Carol:

We are soo happy today.. the doctor..neurosurgeon called yesterday to
tell  us the latest MRI showed... that Ernest's meningioma has
shrunk!!!!! and is definitly dying.

It has been a long year... and sometimes we worried...but God is
GREAT..He gave us the patience to wait on HIM.

The doctor told us that if the headaches or edema management became too
much then he would do surgery.  But he did not want to do it as the
tumor is behind his eyes and wrapped around the optic nerve and huge...
and surgery would have damaged his sight amoung other things!!!

God is good.. Now for the Colon Cancer surgery later this month.....
well He is a miracle making GOD!!!!

And HE is never short on them!!!

Have a great weekend..  Hope this cheered you up.


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