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Dear Miss Nancy,

	Well, I truly enjoyed the poem.  Probably add it to a couple of others I
have pasted on the mirror above my computer hutch.

	You sound like you have a lot on the table between your mother and
husband.  I appreciate the fact that you can find humor in some of the
things that happen.  Truthfully, if we couldn't find something to laugh
at, either at ourselves or our situation, we'd go stark raving mad!

	I had pneumonia after surgery a couple of years ago.  Don't know where
yours is located, but mine was pretty painful.  In fact, it was worse
than the surgery!

	I live in Memphis, Tennessee and only recently joined the forum.  It is
amazing what it has done for my spirits.  What a bunch of absolutely
great people!  And, they put up with ME!

	I have BAC, diagnosed in Feb. of '98.  Surgery removed most of my right
lung.  I have been corresponding with a great gal from MOL named June. 
What a blessing she is!  She has the same thing I do, only hers (at
diagnosis) was much more advanced.  While my doctors have "written me
off", June has not.  She has given me a wealth of information which I
intend to follow up on.

	I have been both in the position of care giver as well as patient.  So,
I know what you are going through.  Sometimes, it takes every effort
you've got just to put one foot in front of the other.  It does have its
rewards, though.

Carol in Memphis
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