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Re: [MOL] Preventative cancer surgery studied......

In cancer there is no doubt that prevention is the
key. Chopping off the breasts, however, does not seem
to be the most prudent choice of preventive measures. 
In spite of genetic suceptability, the greedy surgeons
who want women to believe that mutilation is the only
alternative to cancer are simply WRONG!  Natural
progesterone,(not artificial progestins), has been
enormously effective in the prevention of many kinds
of cancer including that of the breast and
endometrium, as have been various kinds of vitamin,
herbal and dietary measures. 

Below find an excerp from the treatise on preemptive
cancer surgery: 


Dr. James Mackay, a cancer genetics expert at the
Cancer Research Campaign in Addenbrokes  Hospital in
Cambridge, England, said that while more women may opt
for mastectomy in the  near future, preventive
hormonal treatments now being developed may be a
better option in the long term. 

 "The knife has never been the real answer to the
treatment of breast cancer," he said. "The big
 advances in prevention will not come from chopping
people's breasts off. In the long term, I'd
 put my money on hormonal treatment." 

 Studies of preventive drug treatment may show that
women can protect themselves against breast cancer and
still keep their breasts, he said.


In spite of the fact that you cloud the issue of
effective natural hormonal prevention alternatives as
hormonal treatments "under development," which
suggests that patentable DRUGS  are the answer, Thank
you, Dr. Mackay for a glimmering of sanity in an
otherwise totally insane senario.  I do realize,
however, that telling it like it is, would put you at
odds with your peers.

Ron Presson

A natural alternative researcher.

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