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[MOL] Ethmoid Sinus Adeno Carcinoma - due to working in wood/furniture making industry

Dear All
Urgently seeking guidance with above condition.  My father was treated in
January of this year and had a tumour removed (apparently successfully).
However, the site has never healed . I am told little by the surgeons and
doctors, except that it was a pioneering piece of surgery (only 8 or 9
previous cases) I'm sorry I know little more although I gather instead of
operating externally to reach the tumour where patients, always, lose their
eye sight - they were able to do it by an internal means (??). I don't know
but guess this is some kind of endoscopic work (??)
My Father's eye sight is diminishing daily. His left eye (nearest the
tumour) has never been the same since the operation and now the right eye
also is affected.
Can anyone make any suggestions of where to go or who to see next as the UK
hospital concerned has now discharged him, saying they can do nothing
further for him. I understand that there is a Dutch doctor that originally
pioneered this treatment with this condition but I am unable to even find a
Any help gratefully appreciated.
Susan K

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