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Re: [MOL] LISA !!

Lisa ... I have a hard time taking time off work too.  But I have to admit 
these little "setbacks" remind me there is life outside of the office !  And 
I already called off our trip to California ... it was scheduled right after 
I got the news of my tumors back.  I just couldn't do it.  Family was all 
dissappointed.  We now have another trip planned & I am looking so forward to 
it.  My hubby (got to love him) is gonna pull our 5th wheel (40' ... our 
little house on wheels!)  up to the resort on the Tuesday night before Labor 
Day weekend.  My son & his buddy (both 16) will be there with me, but tent 
camping .... hubby will come back to town to work the rest of the week, as he 
doesn't have any more vacation time.  Then he will come up Friday night, 
along with his folks are coming up from California ... and we will all come 
home the following Monday.  I think it will be heaven & can't wait.  I almost 
called this one off too ... thinking I should save my vacation time in case I 
needed it for surgery later.  But perhaps the vacation could be the best 
thing for me ???  Guess I'm gonna find out.  LOL   Please remind your hubby 
that work is important, but so is life.  We just have to grab those good days 
& run for the woods !!!

Love you !
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