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Re: [MOL] Charlotte!

Lillian  I was born and raised on a farm.  I had my own cow when I was 4
years old.  Her name was Donna.  I milked her myself.  She was older and
didn't give alot of milk and had the patients of job!  We loved each
I always had animals until I got married and went to town to live. I was
kinda like Hidei.  I hated living in town.
I am finally back where I belong, in the country, but the only animals I
have are two dogs and a cat.
     If he had not shot the dogs they would have come back for the
others.  Some times you have to do things like that.  What would have
happened if those kids had been children!   To me two dogs running loose
are a real hazard!
I'm really sorry about your baby goat.  Scares me!  Loves Charlotte

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