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Dear Friends:  Maria is a fairly new member of our forum; but perhaps you remember her e-mails.  When Tony started to deteriorate she spent her time with him and e-mailed me privately.  She did so to spare the forum.
I ask at this time for all of us to take a few moments of reflection.  It does not matter if we think we do not know the Tony the person.  Because there is no one who has fought the battle of cancer that we do not know.  Yes, we can not see their face, perhaps don't know where they lived; etc.  However, we know their soul, their pain, their fear's, their trials.  We know oh so well the road of their journey and there will be time and a day when we will meet them.    Lovingly to all, lillian
Hello one and all,
 It is with a heavy heart that I write tonight for you see my best friend past away on 8/1. He may have lost his battle but he did not suffer long and for that I do thank the good Lord. He was at peace and felt no pain. I was with him and I am glad that I did stay. Thank you one and all for all the prayers. God Bless all of you.
Love Your friend always,
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