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[MOL] Parasites Attn: LISA

Pat!  Everyone has parasites in their bodies.  GROAN EVERYONE!  Some
parasites are not healthy and some are good for us, killing off bacteria;
etc. that we don't need.  I had not heard the story of Steve Mc Queen; so I
can not comment on it.  I would think the secret is to go after the
unhealthy parasites and leave the rest alone?  If we do mass cleansing of
the liver; which I do take Milk Thistle then perhaps I am killing off the
good parasites.  Oh to win this tug-of war!  The diet for cancer is not good
for the diet of auto-immune disorders and the diabetic diet conflicts with
the other two.  So what do I do?  I just eat as healthy as I can, do my best
and leave the rest.  Luv u, lillian


I was answering this letter.  I am using parasites as worms, flukes etc.  I 
do believe that a leech is a parasite and is used for many staph infections 
even now.  So it might be called a good parasite.

Bacteria are considered germs.  That is what I meant.  There are good germs 
(bacteria) or bad germs.    I was not describing good bacteria with 
parasites.  I have not heard of any good parasites unless leeches are 
considered good parasites which are sold for cleaning up infections.

I may be wrong and I realize my brain is not as clear as you young ones.  But 
if this does not clear up what I am saying please let me know.  I think you 
and I are thinking alike but you may have missed this letter and the reason 
for my answer. Please do correct me if I am wrong.  I feel that I should just 
lurk because I do follow a different drummer.  I am from a family of Drs and 
am very much aware that they are human and all make mistakes and I realize 
that I don't make myself clear in my writing.  I do not know if Dr. Clarke is 
right, but I don't know that she is wrong either.

I'm with you about God.  No spontaneous combustion could make all the 
different species on this earth.  I enjoy your letters and Lillians and all 
the others, but do check this out for me.  My prayers are that He will be 
with me no matter what I have to go thru.  I am not praying for a cure, but 
His will be done.  So far he has been with me.  

With love to all,

Pat Hall  of Alabama 
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