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I'm right in there PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!  xo Dean White
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That is sooooo- great!!! I love hearing that kind of news! Praise the Lord!!!  Love, Lisa

Pat Kimmi wrote:

ALL GLORY & HONOR & PRAISE TO YOU, ALMIGHTY FATHER NOW & FOREVER!!!!!!I am joining my HOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!to  yours, Dean Daddy's CT Scan  from last Fri showed    "continued decrease in size of few metastatic nodules in left lower lung field."  ......Thank God for answered prayers.     NOW------ he is going to take Taxol & Carbo (same drugs) but once a month instead of every week solely for his convenience so he doesn't have to drive 40 miles roundtrip for chemo every wk.  Was getting 90 mg(?) of Taxol and now will get 330; so quite a jump. He can switch back if he has side effects from larger dosage and will still get same amt. of carbo. Just had to let all you guys know of our good news.  Pat Kimmi--Kansas