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Re: [MOL] Parasites?


I'm not saying that Dr. Clarke is right about the parasites, but I am not 
aware of good parasites unless leeches are considered good.  I know there are 
good bacteria and bad bacteria.

I found the info in the Merck Manual about parasites.  Schistosoma 
haematobium has been linked to bladder cancer.  Opisthorchis sinensis has 
been linked to carcinoma of the pancreas and bile ducts.  The copyright on 
this book is l999.  There is quite a lot about parasites in this book but all 
are bad.  Dr. Clarke says that all of us are carrying around several lbs of 
parasites.  She also recommends milk thistle.

I  didn't bring up the zapper because I already have a reputation for my alt 
tx.  But my family (most of them) are really sold on it.  I have a 
sister-in-law (PhD teaches at a University)  that has MS.  She swears by the 
zapper.  I saw bruises disappear off my sons foot.  He was stepped on by a 
horse over the 4th of July and used the zapper.  

Dr Clarke says we all have lbs of parasites in us.  I would like to know more 
about good parasites.  I couldn't find any in the Merck manual. They have 
quite a bit about bad parasites in it.

Luv you,

Pat Hall
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