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Re: [MOL] Mexican Hospital

Dear Maryanne,

	While I believe there are things "out there" that, perhaps, the AMA
(etal) keeps hidden, I'm not too sure about Mexico.  I know that a
Mexican doctor in Mexico cured something (not cancer) that my sister once
had 40 years ago.  However, you might research further and, perhaps,
someone will have some first-hand experience.  There was a movie star
that went to Mexico some 30 years back (right now, can't think of his
name) but it did him no good.  That's not to say your idea isn't a good
one.  Far be it from me, ignorant on this, to try to discourage you. 
However, please get some first-hand info, if possible.

	Just trying to help a little.

Your friend, Carol
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