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Re: [MOL] Will Work For Food....PS

Kathy, I realize that some people can't help it - particularly those that are 
mentally ill and tossed out of hospitals into the streets.  But again, I 
believe those are the minority of the homeless.  We have lots of homeless by 
our office (we are located downtown).  A few solicit funds, but most collect 
cans and find other means of survival, they still do have pride.

Believe me, I am heartless where the homeless are concerned; my favorite 
charities are targeted to them and politically, I vote for candidates who 
promise to help the homeless and the aged.  But there is a difference in 
those who try to help themselves even in small ways, and those who abuse the 
passers-by and the entire system (I see it every day) in search of a "free 

I once met a disabled woman while waiting for a friend who needed some 
medical assistance at the welfare office.  The woman was upper middle-aged 
and obviously not many options for much in the way of employment.  She came 
in for interim help since her food stamps were late.  They would not give her 
a dime "...until your food stamps will come on Tuesday."  She shouted, 
"Tuesday, it's Thursday now - how will I eat till Tuesday?"  They responded, 
"You'll have to figure that out."  She left crying.  I caught up with her and 
gave her cash and she was still crying.  Big difference from a young, healthy 
man carrying a sign "Will work for food."  Esp. after he has just refused an 
offer for work!  -chris
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