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[MOL] Alternative Treatments-lung Cancer

My brother was recently diagnosed with Stage lllB non small cell lung cancer. 
 He was immediately put on Taxol and Carboplatin, every three weeks.   I have 
now read that low dose, more frequent  treatments, are preferable because 
they cause fewer side effects.  Is this true in the experience of anyone 
on-line?  Also I have not heard much in this group about anti-angiogenesis 
agents being used.  I've read a lot about them on the www,  but finding 
people with actual experience with them is difficult.  
My point is that if low dose chemo, or  ant-angiogenesis agents,  are the new 
"best way" to treat nsclc and other cancers,  then why don't I see more about 
them from real people with the cancers?
Help, I want the best for my big brother!       Tom in Florida 
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