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Re: [MOL] Bronchioloalveolar cell cancer

Hi, Carol:  I was diagnosed with sclc in December of '97.  The doctor told me 
it was extremely aggressive, and my prognosis was not particularly good -- 
that people just don't recover from this kind of cancer very often, if at 
all.  I have -- at least, so far, because my oncologist was a sadist!  LOL  
That's what I used to call her.  She made me soooooo sick, but I am soooooo 
grateful now.  Cancer free since March of 1998.  Had a little heart attack 
and double bypass in June of 1999 because of the radiation damage, but 
believe me, that was nothing compared to the chemotherapy and radiation.  
Then in May of this year, a single mastectomy -- but it looks very good.  
Precancerous cells, and the surgery was pretty much a precaution.  I feel 
excellent.  I know exactly what you mean about people not wanting to talk 
about it.  I talk about it, whether they like it or not.  They gradually get 
used to it.  But here, no one has to "get used to it."  I love it here.  So 
will you.

Love, Kathy in Boise
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