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Re: [MOL] Bronchioloalveolar cell cancer

Dear Pat Kimmi,

    I wish I could convey to you (and Lillian & Kathy & others) how much
it means to finally have someone to talk to, no matter how insignificant
it may be, who relates to me.  My dear friends try, but mostly they
"don't want to talk about it", or "you're not gonna die" or other quips
that are meaningless.  Of course they mean well but they just can
understand what goes through a cancer person's mind.  You don't want
cliches, you want conversation.  You simply need to be able to talk about
it without someone getting all itchy and "drawed up".  You people really
make me feel like there's a "family" out there.  I guess I'm just not
good enuff at words to get this across well.   But, anyway, thanks!

    I was told it was "untreatable" because of it being multi-focal and
doesn't metastasize.  While I was offered chemo, I was told in the same
breath it probably wouldn't do any good and only make me sick. 
Statistically (they said) they have nothing to go on.  A prominent man
down in Mississippi recently died of it and his wife offered that the
chemo did absolutely nothing for him; only made him sick and miserable.  

My disease was found accidentally.  I went for a physical in Feb. of '98
and they found spots (my first physical in my whole life - and I was
59!).  Biopsy was out of the question because of location, so they "cut".
 After removal of most of the right lung and bioping "on the table", I
was diagnosed.  So, it would appear I have Stage 1 cancer.  I read the
biography on "June" and was impressed.  She's in Stage IV.  What a gal!

I hope the treatments work on your father.  I also hope and pray that he
has quality of life and that the treatments don't continue on and on
until "the end".  I have saved your message for rereading.  Your info may
very well be needed some day.  God Bless!

Hopefully, your new friend

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