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Re: [MOL] Will Work For Food....PS

...and Patty, let me add this to my repertoire of replies.   *I* myself have 
*been* homeless *twice* - (with a child) and in both cases it was due to a 
man leaving me (first my husband, and then a significant other).  In both 
cases, I was left holding the bag for an overpriced home/apartment and had to 
move within 2 wks after the relationship broke up.  Had it not been for a 
good friend who helped in both cases, I would have been on the street too.  
But I would not have pushed my poverty into the faces of passers-by so as to 
"guilt" them into giving me money - that is nothing more than prostitution.  
I would have found a shelter and some way to get back on my feet, not found a 
comfy way to stay in the gutter.  -chris
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